New facilities are about new beginnings and endless possibilities

Some of our warehouses are constructed using masonry walls which ensures that moisture and wind stay outdoors. Products are kept safe, dry, and protected year-round. All our facilities have been refurbished and updated with the latest technology.

Different products have different requirements for warehousing and distribution. As your third party warehousing provider, VATIS can accommodate a wide range of those needs in one location.


  • Recycling


    Our warehouses and offices currently recycle the majority of office and waste including paper, cans, cups, printer cartridges and IT equipment.

    We source sustainable supplies and use recycled paper throughout our operations and for printing of literature.

  • Energy Saving

    Energy Saving

    We have implemented a ‘Switch Off’ campaign which ensures equipment is switched off when not being used.

    All computers are set to hibernate after a fixed time of non activity and switched off overnight.

    We ensure that all IT equipment carries the Energy Star logo which generally use 20- 30% less energy than required standards.

    All IT redundant equipment is recycled or disposed of by a recycler registered with the Environment Agency.

  • Materials Sourcing

    Materials Sourcing

    Whenever possible we source products from sustainable sources and environmentally friendly suppliers.

Your products safety is our priority!

For added security and protection, our warehouses are fully equipped with sprinklers and monitored on closed-circuit video by a central station, 24 hours a day. There is never a moment when our facilities go unprotected from fire or burglary.

Open Air Storage

VATIS currently has 275.000 m2 of open-air storage for heavy and big loads such as pipes, manifolds, containers, oil and gas modules and industrial equipment.

We have fixed and moving cranes to load, unload and move your products.

Carriers and freight forwarders that work in partnership with VATIS can take your cargo anywhere in the world.


VATIS has multiple warehouses dedicated for dangerous goods & chemicals, refrigerated products, and general cargo.


our warehouses, structures, and processes can be adapted to fulfill different logistics requirements.

built suit
Built to suit:

If you are looking for a specific and tailor-made warehouse we can build it in collaboration with you.  

Security is also a priority

  • Armed guards secure the VATIS campus at all times
  • Electronic monitoring center using high-tech equipment
  • Remote alarm and video monitoring equipment
  • Warehouse doors equipped with sensors
  • 24/7 monitoring electronic surveillance
  • Property insurance
  • VATIS also features a full tracking of products with cameras monitoring the warehouse and loading/unloading area.